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I noticed that some authors post  “trailers” for their latest release (like movie trailers) on their websites consisting mostly of stock images done to music. Which makes me wonder about a few things:

  • Media Rights: If you’re using music, pictures or even video from other sources how much do their rights conflict with your own.
  • Effectiveness: Do people really buy books based on these?
  • Sources: Connected to media rights. I mean where do you get the music and pictures from anyway? Public domain or do you commission them, and at what cost?

I mean fans make their own trailers for movies, video games (from simple rip/edit jobs to full fledged machinima) and even create their own stories using game software, but can you extend that to books as well?

What do you think?

Are they worth it or just a waste of time?

Here is an example of World of Warcraft inspired machinima so you can see what I’m talking about:

(Oops! I posted the same video twice! Doh! Here is a different one.)


  1. I’d guess that very few people buy books due to trailers. Although they’re probably fun to make, and *probably* don’t hurt. Unless you make a really bad one.

    Now if you could find a really talented orator to read a snippet from your book, that might be cool. If I could find someone who sounded like Vincent Price to read from my Gothic novel. . .

  2. I guess you could hire a voice actor, but the thing is, is the investment worth it? Especially if you’re not an established author. Of course if you happen to “stumble” across somebody like that, it would be the opportunity of a life time.

    Of course if you get Tim Curry or Alan Rickman to do that, it would be awesome. It would be Crowning Moment of Awesome if you could get both of them on your promo!

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