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Another Character Write Up/Short.


File Name: Alpha-357

Subject: Stephen Barclay Dalton

Psychological Evaluation #7

Interviewer:Alpha India- Pepper

Format: Free-Flow Q & A

Loading Record Logs……

Initiating Playback…..

Question #1: Mr. Dalton, what is your political affiliation?

<<Interviewer notes Non-Verbal/Facial Expressions showing annoyance at the subject of the question>>

Answer: Independent.

Follow-Up #1: Why?

Answer: Because I look to leaders to solve problems, not feed me ideology. Not that it matters which side of the Uni-Party system they claim to come from.

Follow-Up #2: Uni-Party System?

Answer: Yes, two party, one agenda.

Follow-Up #3: Which is?

Answer: To pay off their supporters and stay in power as long as they can manage it.

<< Subject displays a tendency to see conspiracy in the higher echelons of power>>

Question #2: Would you describe your ideological position as, a) Libertarian, b) Liberal, c) Social Conservative, d)Anarchist,  e) Neo-Conservative, f) Neo-Liberal,  g) Communist.

Answer: None of the above.

Follow Up Question #1: Why?

Answer: Why what?

Follow Up Question #2: Why None of the Above.

Answer: I don’t follow any ideology per say.  Pretty words don’t impress me, actions do. Most of the time politicians say one thing to sucker punch the electorate and do then do whatever the hell they want anyway.

<<Subject shows a high distrust of government and perhaps of the democratic process>>

Question# 3: Do you believe in democracy?

Answer: Of course I do! Democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.

<<Note subject defensive posture, raised voice and use of sarcasm >>

Follow Up #1: Yet you have reservations about the current administration.

Answer: That goes without saying. It should be a government for the people by the people and Osborne just shot the concept to hell and back.

Follow Up #2: And what would you do about it?

Answer: Whatever is necessary.

Follow Up #3: So the ends justify the means?

Answer: No, that’s how we got into this mess to begin with. You have to see the situation for what it is and use the necessary measures to restore democracy.

Follow Up #4: Such as?

Answer: Defend the weak, serve as an example to the people and support those who fight for a better future. I’m a soldier, I’ll do the fighting,someone else will take care of the politics. Once this war is over, I’ll be going home.

Interviewer: Thank you Mr. Dalton.

End of Session…..


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