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This book has wars, mass murder, high caliber ammunition blasting heads open and zombies but no sex.

Say what now?

You mean to tell me you have no problems with eviscerated bodies, gigantic explosions and blood sucking vampires but you can’t write a decent sex scene?

Is this book for ages 5 and up?

Listen to me, very carefully:


In other words, if the story calls for a sex scene, write a sex scene. Even if you’re not writing a torrid Harlequin book, it is only natural that the adults in your story, if they have hormones and functioning sexual organs would want to use them, preferably with each other.

Also sex comes in many guises, not all of them pleasant. The horrors of sexual assault, the bliss (real, imagined or feigned) of first teenage coitus, or the lackluster once a week romp in the sheets of past middle aged married couples.

As long as you are writing what the story requires and to the right audience you will do fine. After all they haven’t plastered ratings on book covers yet. Besides, if you want your books sales to go to the roof, getting a few thousand request for book banning at the local library (or a good old fashion book burning) will work wonders.

Remember boys and girls, people are still having sex!