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All-Hallows Eve.

I’m not a big fan of Halloween. I don’t hate it, but like St. Valentine’s I consider it an over hyped holiday. I think one of the reasons why I am not particularly fond of this day is the insistence on fear. I don’t like scary movies. I don’t go to the theater or play a game to be scared.  Fear is an unpleasant emotion I could do without unless absolutely necessary.

That doesn’t mean I avoid stories of things that go bump in the night.

Oh no….

But I like my stories where the hero(s) get to bump back.

Less horror and more urban fantasy. For every vampire a vampire slayer, for every demon a demon hunter.

I liked Jaws, and Aliens. Not only were they proper horror movies (never show the monster in the trailer) but the heroes get to fight back. They are not reduced to screaming, running piles of human flesh waiting for their killer to strike them down at their whim. They fight back. They win the day. At a cost, but they win.

Rippley blasted the nasty xenomorph through an airlock.

The shark got blown to smithereens with a well place rifle shot.

Fake blood and gore cheapens real life horrors. Reality is far scarier than anything dreamed up by Hollywood, and far more shocking.

Give the heroes a chance to win and win their bitter-sweet day in the sun.

Commune with the spirits of the dead, draw comfort from those that have come before and confront those that stand between you and your future.

Now that is a story I can sink my teeth into.

And now for some music from Orbital:


I posted my NaNo 09 soundtrack last night but I remembered that I haven’t done the same for SuD.  This soundtrack reflects a few things, among them the story anime/manga background mixed with the madness of a world gone mad. I hope you like it.

Note on listing format: Song Title-Track Note (if any)-Artist.

  1. Storm TMMix/Intro and Main Theme: Yoshida Brothers
  2. Kodo Inside the Sun Remix/Alternate Intro: Yoshida Brothers
  3. Ain’t talking about dub: Apollo 440
  4. Badboys
  5. We Didn’t Start the Fire: Billy Joel
  6. Keep Hope Alive:  The Crystal Method
  7. Let the Bodies Hit the Floor/Fight Music:  Drowning Pool
  8. Crazy: Gnarls Barkely
  9. Precious: Depeche Mode
  10. Crazy/A Soldier’s Memory: Seal
  11. Pistolero/Enter the Gunman: Juno Reactor
  12. The Box: Orbital
  13. Fire Starter: Prodigy
  14. Welcome to the Jungle/Ride into Chicago: Guns N’ Roses
  15. Paint it Black/Sparks of Sex and Fire: Rolling Stones
  16. Hotel California/Hell Freezes Over version: The Eagles
  17. 99 Problems vs. One Step Closer/Battle of Basra: Jay-Z & Linkin Park
  18. The Show Must Go On/Funeral for the Fallen: Queen
  19. Breaking the Habit: Linkin Park
  20. No Heaven/Fire Dancer’s Intro: DJ Champion
  21. Welcome to the Black Parade/End Credits: My Chemical Romance

The songs are not in order, but I hope they give you a sense of the overall theme. And before I forget, here is a video for you as well.